Back to School – 5 Stress Reducing Tips

I liken this time of year to that of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in the United States.  With kids going back to school and families ending their summer vacations, it’s back to a busier schedule.  Sometimes the by-product of a busier schedule can be added stress to your life.
I’d like to share five quick and simple techniques I’ve used lately to decrease my own stress.  Maybe some of these techniques can also be useful to you or helpful to your own coaching clients.

1. Learn to say “no” occasionally.  In looking at why I may have some added stress in my life, it may be that I’ve said “yes” too many times that I’ve overextended myself.  Say “yes” to saying “no.”

2. Take a short break.  Take a 20-minute break in the morning and afternoon to walk the dog, read an article in the paper, or get some fresh air. 

3. Add humor to your day.  Read a joke, tell a joke of your own to someone else, or watch a comedy.

4. Smile!  It takes less muscles to smile than not and smiling can help change your mood all on its own.  Try it!

5. Talk to family and friends.  If you need help or simply want to talk about things, turn to those closest to you.

6. Take a vacation.  If you’re thinking about taking one, then you probably need it.  If you can’t afford to take a traditional vacation, then take a “staycation” at home and do the things you enjoy the most.

What are some of your own stress relief tips?  Please share them  in the comments section below.  Thanks!