9 Questions to Prepare You for Coaching

You’ve made the decision to hire a coach…now what?

If you want to hit the ground running, you need to help your coach understand who you are and what you hope to accomplish. The following questions can assist you in being better prepared to begin your coaching journey. Share your answers with your coach so that your coach is able to adjust her approach to one that is best suited to your style and needs. Your answers to these questions will allow your coach to better help you in gaining further clarity on your goals and to help you achieve them faster.

  • What do you want from your coaching experience?
  • If you could achieve something spectacular out of the coaching what would it be?
  • What causes you to perform at your best?
  • What would you like to tell your coach about you and how you make changes?
  • How have people successfully given you feedback about potential blind spots?
  • What could get in the way of a successful coaching experience?
  • What advice do you have for your coach about how to interact with you to make the relationship powerful and productive?
  • How will you know that the coaching process is working for you?
  • What is the first step you could take that would make the greatest difference in your current situation?

Coaches, what questions would you add to this list?

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What Neuroscience Can Teach Leaders About False Consensus

You will vastly overestimate what people know, for example, your take on the current context or your reasoning for a specific course of action,   assuming that others know what you know and see what you see; this is called False Consensus (Ross et al).  Remember this when explaining the nuts and bolts of your vision, strategy and goals.  Become accustomed to seeing the world differently from others, and defining reality as you see it regularly, more than you think you should need to (Senge).

Stan Slap once said “Most leaders would just get where they’re going by themselves and send a postcard if they could.”  Don’t try it, it won’t work.  Stand at the front, hold the map aloft and keep explaining again and again.  Long past the point when you are bored.